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Module 1

Find Your Customer Avatar

If you want to appeal to everyone, you're going to appeal to no one. Identifying your ideal customer avatar is a foundational step to any business in order to figure out who you want to appeal to and how to attract them. This is a critical part of the process to getting your Leads Faucet running smoothly.

  • Using 'the bridge' model to nail your customer journey so you can predict exactly where they are in the process and what to do at every step
  • How to get your customers from where they are now to the future they desire by starting with this 'thinking backwards' technique
  • Explore 7 niches proven to make money (yes we can show you screenshots) that are the perfect 'home base' for your new business
  • The simple 'mirror' trick that instantly gives you the perfect customer avatar without thinking too hard
  • Discover the three critical questions you must have an answer to in order to succeed in your business (and of course, the easy way to find those answers)
  • The fill-in-the-blanks easy method to pinpoint your passion and how you should direct your energy to best serve your audience
  • How to determine exactly what you need to sell to your ideal customer using the 'logic circle' method
  • How to avoid being the 'one shot wonder' and diversify what's working for you so you'll never be without an income
  • What you need to do BEFORE zeroing in on your avatar (you can't butter the toast without toasting the bread first)
  • The real reason why your avatar matters and should be at the heart of everything you do (it's not just a buzzword or a half-assed worksheet to fill out)
  • Zone in on your customer and get to the honest, heart-baring details of their needs and wants, their personality, dreams and roadblocks to achieving them so you can have a real conversations with them
  • How to predict your customer's objections for every action they take with you and counter them with honest logic
  • Get intimate with your customer's current situation so you'll understand precisely what they know about their problem, what solution they're after and what competitors they're using (which probably isn't working for them)
  • Go one step further and learn who your ideal audience truly wants to learn from and how to embody that hero they're searching for


Module 2

Lock In Your Niche

Picking the wrong niche is a fundamental problem many newbies face, and often leads to chasing after a market that has no money to spend with you. We're going to dive deeper into your niche so you can be sure it's the right choice for you, and most importantly make sure you're in a market where people spend significant money repeatedly on the solutions you can provide.

  • How to figure out how much money you need to change your life—if you have this goal in mind we can break it down to simple, manageable steps
  • Why your niche is important to your success (and the simple formula to figure out yours)
  • Do you suffer from impostor syndrome? Even just starting out you don't need to be 'the expert' to help others, and here's why...
  • How to attract the right people and repel the wrong ones for your business using this tool (hint: it's something we ALL have)
  • How to use the one unique thing we all have to speak and connect with your audience through email
  • Leveraging the power of the 'lens' technique to differentiate yourself from the crowd, even if your competitors are all talking about the same product
  • Why you don't have to have your own product yet (and why it can be even easier if you don't)
  • Discover the benchmark rules to qualify your niche and ensure it is viable enough for you to make a living from
  • How to choose amazing programs to promote that pay you high commissions, lifetime or recurring instead of the ones that pay pennies
  • How to vet your chosen niche so you know in advance whether you'll be able to succeed financially or go back to the drawing board
  • The secret to working smart not hard and earning 10x more per sale for the same amount of effort
  • How the 'force of gravity' can give you an insiders insight to how well a product is selling right now
  • Watch Jonathan walk through several niche examples to demonstrate how to vet your options in action and whether it can grow with you or if it's just a starting point


Module 3

Outline Your Book

A solid outline is Jonathan's secret sauce for writing great books fast. He gives you his templates that you'll be able to fill out in less time than it takes to watch a movie... and then all that's left is to speak your book. Once the process is clear, you'll realize just how easy it actually is to create your asset.

  • Why the special beginner friendly 'outline sauce' will help you write your book in a flash instead of pouring years of your time into it
  • How to choose your ideal tools to capture and organize your big ideas and speed up your book process tenfold
  • Avoid 'paralysis by analysis' and overcome all the common hurdles that make most authors quit before they finish
  • Use the '80/20' rule to ensure you have a finished book in your hands by the end of this course (and not shoved in a drawer collecting dust)
  • Discover the book length 'sweet spot' and how it's possible to get there by the end of the week!
  • Why your outline isn't just about jotting down a few things and calling it a day... you need to do this in order to make the process work
  • Why the 'loop' technique is the subtle secret to getting your readers hooked from sentence one, all the way to your call to action at the end
  • You don't have to be an expert... this is WAY more important than teaching techniques, which they could easily get from blog posts
  • Learn the eight step process to writing your book in a way that focuses on making money and encouraging a valuable connection rather than your magnum opus or a crappy PDF
  • How to leverage your book to bridge the gap between where your customer is and where they need to be to buy your flagship offer
  • How to nail the perfect ending that gets readers to take action and get their first real win (then make those successive wins addictive so they keep coming back for more)
  • How to write a gripping opening that startles your reader into truly paying attention and quickly draws them into your story
  • How to become an authority in your reader's eyes and quickly prove why they should listen to you
  • Discover the easy way to fill the meat of your book and give your reader quick wins without it becoming useless fluff
  • Nervous about writing your book? Use the 'interview' technique to draw natural, well thought out responses from you and get your book done fast


Module 4

Title And Cover

There's nothing more important about a book than what you use to capture people's attention. If your book has an unappealing title and cover, no one will pick it up. You'll learn how to make sure your book is positioned as temptingly as possible to the right audience and get those leads flowing as soon as you turn on the tap.

  • How to find your hidden hook by DELETING words with the 'in media res' tactic and refine your introduction
  • The quick technique anyone can do to improve their writing in minutes
  • Learn the 6 elements of a gripping book title that defies expectations and makes readers stop in their tracks
  • Use this strategy to ensure your book name comes up in search results and works hard on your behalf so people can find you
  • Glean valuable data from your competition to make sure you stand out from the crowd
  • How to use your subtitle and description to support your book and get discovered by your ideal reader
  • Establish your authority with the 'naming' technique and become a key memorable figure to your audience immediately
  • Discover 4 ways to create a compelling cover, even if you have no budget or design skills
  • The one thing you CAN'T be when working on your cover (or it will tank your business)
  • Why you (and your readers) will actually judge a book by its cover and the only piece of information you should listen to determine if it's the best cover for your book
  • Avoid these 5 business-killing mistakes with your cover (or you might end up with an unintentional lawsuit)
  • Watch Jonathan over the shoulder as he demonstrates how to make a great cover fast using his simple templates


Module 5

Description And Copy

Once people click on your enticing cover, they're usually skimming the description to see whether it's the right thing to read. This is where you get them hook, line and sinker. You'll want to use Jonathan's templates to create a compelling book description that gets you the readers you're looking for!

  • Discover the important role of copy in your business and how it gets the right people to take the actions you want
  • How to 'write' solid copy without having any experience (hint: you'll be using Jonathan's super simple fill-in-the-blanks templates)
  • The surprising places you NEED copy that most people overlook, and it makes a huge difference
  • Why 'structure is king' and why that means you don't need to write fancy words or study copy for years
  • Watch Jonathan dissect real landing pages and reveal the spinning cogs so you can see exactly how they work
  • Play the 'so what' game that turns a bad piece of copy into something your ideal reader is immediately drawn to
  • The simple 'this + that' formula for creating crazy good bullet point copy that gets your customers saying yes before you ask
  • You're not left in the dark here... simply 'mad-libs' your way to copy success and you'll be done in less than an hour


Module 6

Edit Your Book

This stage is not to please perfectionists and we won't spend months or years and get stuck on this. This is about getting your book finished, edited and formatted professionally using free tools. By the end of this, your book will be ready to go.

  • Discover the exact tools you can use to produce a professional product for free (or very cheap)
  • I'll walk you through how to use each of these tools and whether you should fork out money for them (you can absolutely do this for free though)
  • Why you should be strict with your file names (and the easy technique to do so)
  • The one thing you should be doing with your book so you don't lose hours of work by accident
  • How to turn your audio files into a book and get it ready to launch ASAP


Module 7

Launch Your Business

Finally, you'll put you book into the prebuilt funnel template and launch your business! With templates, done for you pieces and training every step of the way, this is probably the easiest part because you've already done the hard parts... and soon you'll have the leads flowing in.

  • We'll choose the software that's best for you (yes, there are free options too) and grab your fill-in-the-blanks page templates to get your funnel started today
  • How to get organic traffic to your business by getting your ideal customers to download your free book
  • The 6 best places to display your free book to easily get free traffic and entice your target audience to come to you
  • How to make an easy, visually pleasing link you can track that people trust
  • Copy, paste and tweak these done for you social posts and ad templates for a quick eye-catching design
  • How to run and manage paid traffic to your landing page and the key factors you need to control
  • How the book bundle effect works in your customer journey and how to take advantage of paid traffic to your bundle
  • Creating the 'book bundle' effect by collaborating with your competitors to maximize everyone's reach and start running your Leads Faucet
  • Optimize this important page to gather critical data or even kickstart your profits with an irresistible offer your customers will snatch up
  • Why the first email is so important and what you have to include in it
  • If you DON'T do this you'll get spam complaints and your subscribers will die on the vine
  • Deliver your book automatically to customers while leveraging the few seconds of 100% attention on you wisely
  • How to funnel your customers through your offers so you can recover your ad costs and be profit positive
  • Why you don't need to spend ages 'warming up' your leads (and why you'll likely lose money if you do)
  • Discover the 'plug and play' beginners strategy to paid advertising
Leads Faucet

This offer expires on:
Sunday, September 5th
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$2497 or 3 x $897


Backed by a 30-day, 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Plus These Free Bonuses!


Done With You Book

Bonus 1

How cool would it be to walk into a room with a book in hand and introduce yourself as the author? Especially if you're a beginner, it's a great way to break into your industry with a bang. Think of the possibilities...

First, you'll have an asset you can talk about and offer to someone else's audience as well as your own that gives people an immediate insight into who you are, what you stand for, and who you help. Second, being an author opens a ton of doors. Not only do you have the 'bragging rights', but other entrepreneurs will be more inclined to take you seriously and be more willing to partner with you.

But many people dream of writing a book but few achieve it. Why? Because it's hard to write a book.

Instead of struggling for years on your manuscript, Jonathan will walk you through his tried and tested methods to get your book done as soon as this week. This guided book creation will leave you with an actual finished product in your hands, and that's why this process is so valuable.

Retail Value: $18,000.00

Cover Templates

Bonus 2

Your cover is one of the first things buyers see when they're browsing, and you need it to entice them immediately. But hiring a designer is expensive, and creating it yourself can turn into a nightmare. That's why you'll love the Ultimate Cover Collection, because Jonathan already had designers create winning templates you can use to create covers in a flash.

  • 100+ done for you book cover templates for ebook, audiobook and paperback format
  • Genres including; romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, poetry, non-fiction, children's books and SO much more
  • Each cover comes with free downloadable fonts you can grab for yourself
  • Save time and money with quick and easy editing, just swap out the photo and replace the text
  • Plus I'll walk you through how to edit the covers in minutes, get feedback on your cover, social media templates and more!
Retail Value: $197.00

Copywriting Templates

Bonus 3

Bad copy doesn't keep people reading. It doesn't inspire them to take action. It can even contribute to your customer losing faith in you and your product. There's nothing worse than working hard to get people in front of an offer that could change their life and lose them because they didn't understand the opportunity.

Great copywriting is about really tapping into your audience's pains and desires, to the point where you can almost read their minds. When you can master this way of thinking, your offers will become irresistible. It will draw customers to you.

However, you don't have to be a great writer. One of the greatest copywriters in the world, Eugene Schwartz said, "Copy is never written. It is assembled."

That's right. Copywriting is more dependent on the structure you use rather than coming up with fancy words. Yes, it is a skill that takes time to build and perfect, but knowing how to follow the right structure will actually take you 80% of the way there. And that boost is more than enough to get your offer converting like crazy.

That's why we've included copy templates for everything you need. Your book description, your ads, your landing pages, your emails. Instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis you can follow these easy 'mad-libs' style templates and produce solid copy right away. With these templates, you won't need to hire an expensive copywriter and you'll never leave money on the table again.

Retail Value: $297.00

Extreme Matchmaking

Bonus 4

Remember how powerful the bundle effect is? When you partner with someone, both your results have the potential to be twice as good. Add more people and you start multiplying that effect!

Jonathan has full time outreach staff whose main jobs are to search for people for him to partner with and that process is very time consuming. You get faced with plenty of rejections, silence, people who don't understand what you're doing... sometimes they even try to take advantage of you in the process.

With Extreme Matchmaking, you can bypass all of that. Jonathan will connect you to other students in the same niche with as your book, so you can partner up and work together. You'll be able to benefit from the partnerships without the headache of finding the right ones!

Retail Value: $10,000.00

Extreme Offers

Bonus 5

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started making money online. If someone buys something on your recommendation, you get a cut. And it's how Jonathan made $100k+ on a single product (and much more since). It's simple, and you don't need to have your own product yet, you can get straight to making money.

However, there's a sea of offers out there that are flat out GARBAGE. Ones that don't sell, ones with lots of refunds, bad products, bad sales copy, low commissions etc, etc. Most newbies struggle with this because they don't know which offers to promote and which ones suck.

That's why Jonathan has put together a list of approved offers that he has tested AND made money from (you've seen proof). You won't waste time promoting products nobody wants to buy or end up paying you pennies. Start with this list and you'll easily be on track to making your first $1,000 in your new business.

Retail Value: $4,188.00

Discord VIP

Bonus 6

Ever grabbed a course or product, got thrown into the deep end and had no support afterwards? I know how that feels. Especially if they leave out vital bits of information, you get stuck in the tech or you just have a ton of unanswered questions.

That's why Jonathan has a VIP chat group in Discord! You can jump in there any time and ask him questions directly, and he'll get back to you ASAP. Now you don't have to google for hours, go through the customer support system and FAQ, or wait until the end of a webinar to ask your burning questions.

With this special group, you can dive straight into the meat of your specific situation and get direct access to others who know exactly what you're going through, because they're on the same journey as they are. You'll be part of a real community who wants to see you succeed.

With this special bonus all the benefits of having direct access to Jonathan and the community in Discord are yours for a full 6 months!

Retail Value: $582.00

Make Back Your Money

Bonus 7

Learn how to sell your skills BEFORE going through the training with these three new business models;

Learn How To Launch A Bestseller

Imagine if your book was not only a powerful asset that brought in your new audience... but a bestseller as well? You can absolutely sell your book (they can either buy it or give you their email address to get it free), which helps establish it as a book worth buying and consequently something worth getting for free. You'll learn:

  • How to view your book with a long term business strategy to make money vs fighting with other struggling authors for pennies
  • The five crucial phases of your book launch (and beyond) you need to focus on to help you establish your price, get reviews and more
  • Plus 3x secret bonuses to help boost your book sales!

Leverage Local Faucets

Local businesses are an untapped market. One, because there's so much the average online savvy person can help them with and two, because there's very little competition. You can get paid to learn the Leads Faucet process by doing it for someone else!

  • Why Leads Faucet is perfect for small businesses and how it helps both of you succeed
  • How to approach local businesses and land a contract to do the Leads Faucet service for them
  • How you can make fast money to cover the cost of your training with one client!

Discover The Power Of Publishing Alliances

This is a strategy seldom talked about, but can easily earn you $10,000 or more with a single project. Basically, a group of people pay you to have a chapter in your book which they write, allowing them to leverage other people's fame and increase their reputation.

  • How to get paid big to do 10% of the work
  • How to land multiple experts and high profile individuals to pay you to contribute to this book
  • The secrets of the publishing alliance process from pitching, book creation, publishing, proof cycle and more

These three methods are entirely separate business models you can branch off into if you choose, and potentially double or triple your income. This more-than-generous bonus means you're getting multiple ways to make money from one core business strategy and that's something you can't miss out on.

Retail Value: $2,991.00

Facebook Ads

Bonus 8

Don't you hate it when you buy a course and the instructor glosses over (or assumes you already know) certain aspects of what you need to do? It feels like swiss cheese where there's a bunch of little holes in the method that you might be able to manage... but you'll never have the full picture. That's why Jonathan's included a bonus that covers the basics of Facebook ads—he doesn't even assume you've got a Facebook business account yet! Inside the Facebook Ads For Beginners bonus you'll learn:

  • Watch me set up an ads account, create a Facebook page and set up a pixel from scratch
  • How to launch your first ad, target the right interests and organize them into different events and campaigns
  • How to write ad copy without actually being a copywriter
  • Learn how to interpret your results and data to tweak your ads and earn a higher profit margin
  • Avoid these landing page compliance mistakes or you'll get in trouble with Facebook and they'll shut down your account
  • Plus he'll give you easy to edit design templates for different niches, group and solo book giveaways and your Facebook profile to save you tons of time
Retail Value: $1,997.00

Email Service Setup

Bonus 9

Prepare to have all the email tech and lingo demystified, including how to understand broadcasts, sequences, tags, triggers, automations and more! Once you're finished with this training you'll have a solid understanding of how your email strategy will work and your first emails ready to go.

  • Which email provider you should use and why it pays to consider your future growth
  • How to sort your data, what to worry about and what's not important at all
  • When to change your subject lines to get more opens and clicks (and when to leave them alone)
  • Why you shouldn't worry about unsubscribers (it's actually better when they remove themselves off your list)
  • A full over-the-shoulder walkthrough tutorial of your first email sequence in GetResponse and Kartra
Retail Value: $197.00

Email Copywriting Secrets

Bonus 10

You don't need to be a fancy copywriter to be able to write emails to your list, you just have to be you. However, there are some key structural points you can learn in a flash that will help make your emails irresistible, boost your click rates and get people waiting for your next emails to land in their inbox.

  • What you actually need to write in your emails and how to get opens, clicks and replies
  • How to figure out what your unique writing voice and persona will look like to begin a deep connection with your audience
  • Why your first email needs to separate the 'wheat' from the 'chaff' and what that looks like
  • Nailing your opening hook to get people reading your emails
  • Why 'opening loops' is one of the most important tools in your arsenal
  • Explore different types of email series, sales emails and others to help you navigate your business
Retail Value: $1,497.00

Customize Your Funnel

Bonus 11

Your funnel is an important part of your business strategy, the glue that holds it all together. It encompasses your customer's entire journey from the time they hear about you until the time they buy your most expensive product from you. For your Leads Faucet business this would look like your ads (covered in a previous bonus) leading to your landing page that gives away your book (and others if in a group promo), leading to a thank you page then connecting with your email marketing.

Each of these components can take ages to get right. Targeting, copy, graphics, your strategy... even the most experienced marketer has to do trial and error. But Jonathan wants to make that process dead simple for you. Instead of trying to figure it all out on your own, you can just copy his. He spent a whole year testing and refining these pages to make sure they're getting the optimum amount of traffic and engagement.

You'll be able to copy these exact pages into your account with a few clicks and edit them to fit your own books. It's already done for you. He'll walk you through the entire process of copying the funnel and how to tweak the templates to suit your needs across a few different platforms. You'll also gain a greater understanding of how all the pieces of the funnel affect each other, how the automation works and a bonus walkthrough of a real Leads Faucet promo.

With all these tools in your hands you'll have your business up and running ASAP. No dawdling around trying to figure out how every tiny piece works because you'll have the whole puzzle laid out!

Retail Value: $297.00

DFY Ad Campaigns

Bonus 12

Facebook ads are notoriously difficult to master and it can be easy to wander around in the dark wasting a lot of money trying things when you don't know what you're doing. Advertising is a primary form of traffic for your Leads Faucet business and he wants to make sure you're covered on all bases.

After your book passes the quality check, he'll even help you set up ads in your account, as well as showing you how to do it yourself. He's going to teach you how to fish AND give you a fish.

And by the end... you'll have your ads completely set up and running. There's nothing complicated about it when you have a guide showing you the way!

Retail Value: $797.00

Special Bonus

Your First 100 Leads Done For You!

To get your started with a bang, Jonathan will build your email list for you - getting you 100 high quality email subsribers for free.

The average marketer pays more than $2500 to get these types of leads. You pay nothing with this specal bonus.

Jonathan just needs you to go through the training, finish your book - and once it passes his Quality Assurance test - get ready to get enough traffic to jump start your internet business!

Value: $2,500.00

There is absolutely no risk to you. You only have the opportunity for gain with this amazing offer.

If Leads Faucet doesn't blow the doors off, you can ask for a refund any time in the next 30 days.

Money Back Stamp
Leads Faucet

This offer expires on:
Sunday, September 5th
At 11:59 PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

$2497 or 3 x $897


Backed by a 30-day, 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.